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My Little Superheroes Blog Tour


Calling All Superheroes! This Dynamic Duo is about to turn FIVE. All the fingers on a hand! In a couple more weeks I will be the Mommy to two five year olds. When I got the opportunity to test out the new My Little Superhero Set from EYMM, I knew exactly what to make: Birthday Boy capes! We have a superhero party planned in a couple weeks and though we are the proud owners of several capes and superhero costumes, I loved the idea of special birthday outfits.

I used the cape pattern in the size 4/5 which is plenty long and I was able to make each side from 1 yard of fabric. My boys are different heights, but wear size 4 and 5. The next size up would have been too wide and would require more yardage. Unlike other capes I have made, this one is very wide, maybe even wider than it is long, and has great drape and flow. It has a nice wide neckline that rests on the shoulders more than across the throat, which also makes me feel better as a paranoid my-kids-are-gonna-choke-to-death Mom.


I took my boys with me to the fabric store to pick fabric, one wanted green and one blue, I even managed to find those colors in the same zigzag pattern. I had planned to use something more superhero-ish for the reverse side but didn’t find anything I loved so I went with grey dots. I used an embroidery frame I had in the keystone shape and text that says “Birthday Boy” on each in the opposing color.

The birthday shirts are the Peekaboo Grand Slam pattern (affiliate link), which I added the appliqué to as well. I was planning to just buy long sleeve tees but couldn’t find any that I loved. I made these from grey jersey knit and the sleeves and collar are blank adult shirts I cut up. These are casual enough they can wear to school on their birthday and beyond, and they have already asked if they can wear their Birthday Boy capes to school for their birthday too.

The cape pattern also includes a mask, belt and wrist cuffs, also. It comes in newborn to size 10 and a bonus doll pattern too. If you buy it before 10/21 you can save 40% with the coupon code HEROSET on EYMM.com. I received a copy of this pattern in exchange for this blog tour.






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Back to School: Varisity Baseball for Superheroes

Back to School Week at Just-Joshin.com

It’s Back-to-School Week here at Just-Joshin! I am showing off all the cute new fashions my kids will be sporting when they head off to preschool next week. First up are these not-quite matching Superhero Baseball Style Shirts. (Can you tell we LOVE Superheroes here?) These are bright and colorful and so cute! The boys picked out the Superman and Batman fabric on one of our many trips to the fabric store and demanded I make something for them. I used the Dandelions and Dungarees Old Tyme Baseball Shirt pattern and pulled an accent fabric from the colors in the pattern. I debated on adding an appliqué to the back, but opted instead to leave it plain and I love the way it turned out.

I love how this pattern goes together. The piping is a great detail, and the fit is loose and comfortable. I can see making a lot more of these in the future. They go together fast and the way the trim facing attaches, almost all the seams are hidden. I love when patterns lend themselves to accent fabrics like this one.

Superhero Muscles were not included. 

Back to School Superhero Style | Just-joshin.com

Superman Baseball Shirt | Just-Joshin.com

Superman Baseball Shirt | Just-Joshin.com

Superman Baseball Shirt | Just-Joshin.com

Superman Baseball Shirt | Just-Joshin.com

I was not compensated for this review, and purchased the pattern myself. All my opinions are my own. Photos provided by Amanda at Loch and Key Photography because she is amazing.

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Avengers Inspired Hoodies for Everyday Superheroes

Just-Joshin.com Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys

I am super excited to share these projects, which I have been struggling to keep to myself for a few weeks now. I am competing in CraftingCon Avengers Month, a wonderfully geeky sewing contest over at Friends Stitched Together and I am so thrilled I finally get to unveil these awesome Avengers-inspired looks I made for my very favorite little Superheroes.

When the opportunity came up to participate in Avengers month for CraftingCon, I leapt at the chance. My twin boys are huge Avengers fans who could name dozens of superheroes before they could even say all the ABCs. Recently when the kids were playing with their little action figures one said, “Mom, you need to make me a Hawkeye outfit.” (It is outrageously frequent for them to request costumes and outfits for every little thing.) I looked at the little Hawkeye figure I thought hey, why not make something for CraftingCon? Things started to come together when I was going though a rack of kids’ clothing at a thrift store when I found a like-new red and white striped shirt that I knew was too big for my boys but was so much fun striped fabric to repurpose. Since I am a mom of twins, I can’t just make one special shirt, I decided the striped shirt would become details on a Captain America shirt to accompany Hawkeye. 

I ended up with this.

 SuperWoods 4

Using the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Hangout Hoodie pattern (Affiliate Link), about a yard to blue jersey knit, a size large plain purple t-shirt and a $1 thrift store striped tee, I was able to create two very happy, comfy superheroes.

For Hawkeye, there are a few iterations of his outfit, I opted to go with the blue and purple like the tiny action figure we have.  The pulldown mask attached to the hood was a direct request from my son. The little arrow-in-lieu-of-button detail was my idea, brought to reality with a metal scrap-booking decoration from the craft store.

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com 

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

SuperWoods 2

SuperWoods 6

SuperWoods 13

SuperWoods 1

SuperWoods 5

SuperWoods 7

SuperWoods 8

SuperWoods 11

SuperWoods 12

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com

Avengers Inspired Sewing for Boys | Just-Joshin.com 


You can download the Hangout Hoodie pattern, as well as lots of other cute, easy to make kids clothing from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. If you use the affiliate link I will get a little bit. I paid for the pattern and was not compensated for this post. And a huge thank you to Loch and Key Photography for the incredible photos of my little Avengers. 

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