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52 Quilts: Number 8 – Star Wars the Force Awakens

Quilt 8 52

(This is part 2 of 2 posts about the quilts I made for my sons.)

In my previous post, I showed off my son’s all-blue triangle quilt. Now here is my other son’s Star Wars quilt. I ordered a Fat Quarter bundle of Star Wars Force Awakens fabric way back at the end of the summer, without knowing much at all about the movie, but assuming he would love it. (He does. We took the kids twice in the theater in the first two weeks.) I got the bundle from Massdrop,(affiliate link) which is a newish social-driven shopping site. They have quilting supplies as well as some other things now. and the offerings vary daily. The more people buy in, the cheaper the price. Win-win.

I used the Hopscotch Pattern from Olive Tree, which I have made a few times before and found it works great with Fat Quarters. It’s sort of a disappearing 4-patch, which showcases larger prints.

DSC 0013

Like the other print, I sent this to Missouri Star Quilt Co for their quilting service. I decided on their service because they offered this pattern. It has TIE fighters and X-Wings in the swirls, which is perfect for this quilt.

IMG 3218

The back is Millennium Falcon print and a little topping of Force Awakens text fabric. I love the Millennium Falcon, so this backing fabric was an easy choice for me.

DSC 0017

I don’t know about you, but I think he likes it.

IMG 3225

When he was making his bed recently, he commented, “Geez this quilt is heavy, you must have put a LOT of LOVE into it!”

IMG 3502

Two happy little boys and their new, snuggly, made with LOTS of LOVE quilts.

IMG 3233


May the Force be With You: Star Wars Inspired Sewing

I never really shared these outfits I made for May the 4th this year, so better late than never, I say. We are a huge Star Wars family. My kids were just old enough on our last trip to Disney World to participate in the Jedi Training Academy, which they loved. Our local library has a special even for May the 4th with members of the 501st Midwest Garrison dropping by for a little visit. Here are a handful of Star Wars inspired looks I came up with for our little Padawans.

Star Wars Romper 2

The Force is Strong with this one. Baby’s first May the 4th for this little guy. This is the Scientific Seamstress Reversible Romper pattern which is so cute. (the reverse side of this is Monster’s Inc.) 


DSC 0444  1

This is one of my very favorite patterns (which is probably obvious since it is the one I make most often!) the Scientific Seamstress Bowling Shirt. I love how much I can customize these, and how cute they are on the kids. My kids have a dozen or more bowling shirts, and are always asking for more!

DSC 0439  1


DSC 0417  1

And the last outfit was a Polo I embellished with R2-D2 and the Long Beach Board Shorts from Terra’s Treasures. I love the little accent fabric in the back, and the piping detail on these shorts. 

DSC 0425  1