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Kids Clothes Week: Starboard for Swap

IMG 5206

If you really want to be technical about it, I finished these on the eve of Kids Clothes week, but hey, I am gonna count it, because they are adorable and I want to share. I signed up for a sewing swap in a Facebook group for Peekaboo Pattern Shop, (affiliate link) which has tons of cute boy (and girl) patterns. Facebook groups are really a lot of fun and a great resource for sewing, since not a lot of my in-real-life friends sew, or those who do generally don’t do a lot of boys’ stuff. I love seeing what other people make and love having a community to share and learn. The swap was simple, one-for-one. Everyone signed up their kid or kids, and someone paired everyone up. I was paired with a family in Utah who also had two boys. We exchanged emails with likes and dislikes, but the decision of what to make was entirely mine. The boys’ Mom said they were into all things that move like trucks and trains, but the older one loved space and rockets. I found these two fabrics that were sort of similar but different, and tried out an entirely new (to me) pattern I hadn’t made before.

The Starboard Jacket is a great lightweight jacket that is perfect for Spring or Fall. It can be made with woven or knit fabric. I have recently started trying some knit patterns, so I did these in a little of each. The outer is a twill-weight cotton, the lining is jersey knit. They even have a zipper! (which were my 2nd and 3rd zipper ever, by the way.)

I noticed the rocket fabric had squares that looked like stamps, so I used the one that had a “5” as the size tag, and mimicked it in the firetruck too, so inside there is a little detail of the outer fabric with the size.

All in all I love the way they turned out, they aren’t perfect but they are cute and, most importantly, the message I received from the Mom with photos of the boys modeling their jackets, saying that the boys love them, so that is all that really matters! She shared the pictures of her kiddos modeling their new jackets.

IMG 5164

IMG 5169

IMG 5228

IMG 5229

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kid's clothes week

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Projects · Sew Alongs · Theme Week

Kids Clothes Week: Boys Board Shorts

The first project I finished up this Kids Clothes Week is this adorable outfit for the first day of preschool. This was made by request, the customer even picked out this fabric. (Which I LOVE!) I used the Long Beach Board Shorts pattern from Terra’s Treasures, which is a super easy pattern and looks so nice with the piping accent. I love the panel on the back to use two different fabrics on shorts. I skipped the drawstring option, instead went with regular elastic. 

I love making custom shorts to go with embroidered tees. Especially for boys, it really makes for fun outfits.

One Kids Clothes Week project done!

IMG 0020

DSC 0282

DSC 0279

kid's clothes week

Projects · Sew Alongs · Theme Week

Kids Clothes Week

kid's clothes week

I read about Kids Clothes Week a long time ago and keep meaning to actually sign up and do it. I have a million and one things to do this week, so why not add another! Essentially it boils down to sewing an hour a day for your kids. Every day for a week. I figure I can do that. I already have quite a few projects lined up for my duo: a surprise project I have been working on I can’t wait to share next month, a few fun things for back to school, and I have even started prepping for the onset of winter with a bunch of flannel for new, warm pajamas. 

Today I finished cutting this pile into what will become super-secret-awesome-my-kids-won’t-stop-begging-me-to-finish project.

IMG 5161

Tomorrow we have a busy morning with activities and a playdate, but I committed to this hour a day working on stuff for my kids, so I am going to stick to it. (I did spend about 4 hours today working on stuff for other people’s kids, by the way.)

Kids Clothes Week is underway, but you can jump in anytime! There is plenty of motivation to get something cute, handmade sewn for your kiddos.