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My Star Wars obsessed kiddo changes his mind 527 times about Halloween costumes and wanted to be almost every character in the SW universe, and some of their Lego counterparts. I finally convinced him to go Basic Jedi for comfort and, honestly, lack of complexity (seriously wasn't up to the task of creating General Grevious!) his entire outfit is fleece so it's warm and cozy. The pants and shirt are @peekaboopatternshop patterns. The pants are the Alex & Anna winter PJs bottoms, the shirt is the Grand Slam raglan without the neck binding. The tunic was a big rectangle and the robe is modified to add sleeves from a cloak pattern from @fleecefun More important than anything else, though, he loves it. #peekaboopatterns #peekaboopatternshop #janomehalloween #jedi #tspmccallhalloween #homemadecostumesarethebest #mamamade
From Instagram

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