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52 Quilts: Number 27 – Quilts for Pulse Lap Quilt

Quilt 27 52

Like most people, I heard the news from Orlando and felt heartbroken and helpless. When something popped up in my Instagram feed about the Quilts for Pulse Donation Project the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild was organizing, I went through my scraps and started cutting. I had enough rainbow scraps to do 30 hearts without any repeating fabrics. I used a neutral grey, low volume fabric for the background. And backed it in a darker grey.

The suggested pattern is a Heart Block from Cluck Cluck Sew. It took longer than I predicted to put it together, I wanted to have it in the mail before July 1st, but it’s done now and as soon as it has a label, it will be in the mail to a new home. It’s not much but hopefully it will bring some happiness to someone who needs it. Thank you to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild for organizing and facilitating this quilt drive. Knowing the online quilting community, I think they will get more than enough quilts to spread the love all over Orlando.

IMG 0086

IMG 0095

IMG 0088

IMG 0093

IMG 0087

52 Quilts 2016 · Giving Back · Quilts

52 Quilts: Number 18 – Husky Fundraiser Mini Quilt

Quilt 18 52

I made this cute little Husky quilt as a donation for my sons’ school fundraising auction. Their mascot is the North Star Huskies, and the school uses the #northpride hashtag on all their Twitter activity. I found the pattern from ProtoQuilt on Craftsy. I used the From Blank Pages Alphabet, also from Craftsy, (affiliate links)


I did a simple polkadot background and even used my labels (which I never remember to do!)

IMG 8484

IMG 7538

Hopefully this little guy will raise some money for the boys’ school.

IMG 1270

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Muggles and Wizards and Deserving Kids

A couple months ago I finished a set of Harry Potter inspired outfits for a special family’s special trip to Orlando. I truly loved working on these and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! I loved reading the Harry Potter books and I can’t wait until my boys are a little older and ready to read them too!

IMG 2574

The middle kid got this bowling shirt, which I tried to make look like a house scarf. The placket and the collar are pieced from two different fabrics for the striped look. I used the same dark red fabric for all three outfits, which has swirls and stars and a “magical” vibe.

IMG 2576

IMG 2577

The oldest sister got this dress, also with the pieced straps and sash. The dress has a total of 3 appliqués, one of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

IMG 2580

IMG 2579

IMG 2582

IMG 2583

IMG 2584

The littlest guy got this little romper to match his older siblings. (It is reversible with Mickey on the other side.)

IMG 2586

And finally, though I did not have a better photo, I made shirts for the parents to wear too. They are going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so why shouldn’t they join in the fun?

IMG 2594

I hope they have a wonderful trip. I loved making these outfits, and love how they turned out.

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Giving Back

When I was researching our Disney World vacation last year, I happened upon a sub-group of the Disboards.com called Disboutique. Essentially a group of sewing enthusiasts who make amazing custom clothing and more. Most of it has a Disney vibe, since the love of the Mouse is what brought them all together in the first place. It is a great community feel, lots of sharing of projects (and frustrations) enabling alerts to sales on fabric and embroidery designs or advice and how-tos for newbies.

This group also has an amazing little initiative where they organize what they call “Big Gives” for kids who are going on Wish trips. They pick a kid to shower with gifts and then they organize everyone to give what they can for the wish kid, their family, sometimes more. This includes custom outfits, t-shirts, “pixie dust” gifts like stickers and gift cards. It is truly amazing to see this group of people come together to make these kids’ trips really special.

I have been fortunate enough to have participated in a few of these Big Gives, and while it does take time and effort, being able to help these kids is priceless.

I made these Finding Nemo shirts for two brothers going on a Make-a-wish cruise. The younger brother had been in and out of hospitals his whole life, even had a transplant. He was finally healthy enough to travel for the first time ever.

DSC 6025

DSC 6027

Recently I did shirts, shorts and dresses for a family who is going to Star Wars weekend at Disney World. The “wish kid” is 7, and a huge star wars fan. I made these Mickey/Star Wars shirts for him and his 4-year-old twin sisters who are also huge Star Wars fans. I made him cargo shorts to match, and the younger sisters each got Minnie Mouse dresses.




 I loved making them and the family sent me amazing photos of the kids in their outfits, including them wearing them to school the next day over layers of long sleeves and sweatpants. Plus I got the best thank you note ever: a hand-drawn Star Wars scene which I hung in my sewing room.


I did these Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts for another family, their request. They are going to Disney World and Universal next month. I love these so much I am adding them to my to-do list for my own “Things 1 and 2.”


And my most recent project was a beach towel for a Make-a-Wish cruise. 


So on top of the many projects I have been doing for my Etsy shop, I  fit these projects in, because, how could I not? I know they mean the world to these kids. (I mean, seriously seeing those kids wearing their outfits on top of sweatpants was just about the best thing ever!) It takes time, sure, but totally worth it.