The Just Joshin Story

Just-Joshin is named for my twin boys, Joshua and Justin, who are the inspiration for my kids clothing projects. When we started planning a trip to Disney World for their 3rd birthday, I got a crazy idea to make a couple of matching custom Buzz Lightyear shirts for them to wear. Soon I had more shirts than we had days planned in our trip and still I had so many more great ideas! Next thing I know I had taught myself embroidery and appliqué, and started amassing a huge library of designs and bins of fabric to make all sorts of cute custom clothes.

Technically I guess I learned to sew three decades ago, under the teachings of my incredibly talented seamstress mother. She grew up sewing her own Barbie clothes, then her own clothes, and eventually outfits for me and my brother. I lacked patience and often just begged her to do it for me instead. Sometime last year though, I decided I wanted to make a quilt for each of my boys for their “big boy” room. I found amazing fabric I loved, and asked Santa for a new sewing machine for Christmas. I gifted myself a start-to-finish quilting class after the new year and I was hooked. I made two quilts simultaneously, one for each boy, with fabric I picked out when I was pregnant. The fabric for their Big Boy room is still awaiting its moment.

The Disney World Custom shirts were the first foray into clothing I had since 6th grade home economics class, but they turned out amazing and I really enjoyed doing them.

Names on the inside of Joshua and Justin’s baby quilts

Now I am just trying to fit in all the ideas I have for cute, custom and unique clothing for kids, twin sets, new quilts and lots of Disney-inspired outfits and get them all done during nap time.