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Halloween Hack: Baby Strongman Costume

You might have seen this little guy before, and he’s the lucky recipient of his very first Halloween costume. His mom Amanda is my closest friend and my own personal professional photographer. He is the subject of much affection from my boys, who can’t wait to teach him all. the. things. (Like hide and seek and… Continue reading Halloween Hack: Baby Strongman Costume

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Back to School: Varisity Baseball for Superheroes

It’s Back-to-School Week here at Just-Joshin! I am showing off all the cute new fashions my kids will be sporting when they head off to preschool next week. First up are these not-quite matching Superhero Baseball Style Shirts. (Can you tell we LOVE Superheroes here?) These are bright and colorful and so cute! The boys… Continue reading Back to School: Varisity Baseball for Superheroes

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Avengers Inspired Hoodies for Everyday Superheroes

I am super excited to share these projects, which I have been struggling to keep to myself for a few weeks now. I am competing in CraftingCon Avengers Month, a wonderfully geeky sewing contest over at Friends Stitched Together and I am so thrilled I finally get to unveil these awesome Avengers-inspired looks I made for my… Continue reading Avengers Inspired Hoodies for Everyday Superheroes

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These adorable and impossibly tiny onesies are on their way to a customer for her twins due this week. This design turned out so cute. I was lucky enough to have a friend let me borrow her adorable twin boys for a photoshoot. My dear friend Amanda has started her own portrait photography business and… Continue reading LO-VE