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August News

Hello, August!

It’s so cliche to start with “I can’t believe it’s August already”, but all summer I have felt like life is stuck in fast forward. I wrote “June” twice yesterday when signing forms at the doctor.  I am glad I decided this summer to take a hiatus from my craft projects, sewing orders and swaps because my kids are here 24 hours a day, plus I actually like leaving the house in the summer.  While my kids are happy to watch TV all their waking hours so I can work on projects,I do like them to see the sun occasionally. I signed them up for a bunch of small activities, all of which seemed to happen in the last three weeks. We have lived in the car and eaten a majority of our meals as picnics on park benches or en route to the next thing. Thankfully the bulk of the actives are wrapping up and they only have a few things left this summer, but we’re planning some family adventures for August, so I don’t know when I will get back to my sewing room.

July started with the launch of my eBook, which was a big moment for me. I have always loved writing but I don’t do it as much as I should. I have let my blog languish for too long and I really want to get back to posting more frequently. That’s my plan for September. Summer is just too busy to add another thing!

This month, I am trying to get a few bags and other misc things done this month to replenish my Etsy shop, and I started signing up for swaps for the fall already. (Couldn’t resist a Halloween Mini swap!) I have a couple custom orders, plus a list of things I want to sew for my kids’ back to school wardrobe, which I can’t see how I will fit in before school starts. (Luckily the first month or two are pretty hot still so they won’t need new pants the first day.) I hope to clear put some existing Etsy stock, so I am offering 15% off all in-stock orders over $10 during the month of August.

August Etsy Sale!
15% off all In-Stock Orders over $10
Coupon Code: AUG17THANKS

It has been a few weeks since I shipped out 70 packages of fabric from my Texty Fabric Charm Swap, I am organizing another, albeit smaller, swap for holiday charm fabrics to stock up before Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You can find the details and sign up here. This will hopefully be a quick, fun little charm swap, no limit to the number or participants. Signup is open now through August 8.


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