Geekified Tooth Fairy Pillows

IMG 4001

My twin boys are six years old and one has his first wiggly tooth. The dentist said it would be out really soon if he played with it. (Thankfully he is completely freaked out by it and won’t touch it so that bought me some time to actually made them tooth fairy pillows.) I asked them what they wanted, and one said Star Wars (Of course.) and the other said Godzilla.

I used my embroidery machine software to play around a little to create these. I can’t take credit for the idea of R2-DTooth, I saw it in a Silhouette Cameo group on Facebook.  I had a really cute R2-D2 design and I removed the body outline to keep just the top and the front controls. I embroidered onto white cotton fabric. I did a Google Image search for a tooth shape outline and cut around the appliqué in the shape of the tooth, added a backing and a hanging ribbon and stitched it right-sides together. I added a little fiber fill to make it pillow-like.

IMG 3997

On the back I just used Star Wars fabric, and a tiny scrap I had of this black space fabric. (Which was triangular so I optimized the pocket using the shape of the scrap, and did not notice until I took this photo that it looks like a tooth wearing space-themed underwear… I swear.)

IMG 3996

My other son has been really into Godzilla and monsters and dinosaurs, so I used a Valentine Dinosaur design (he was holding a heart.) and edited the file to add a tooth I had in a different file. Of course it had to be ALL BLUE.

IMG 3998

This monster fabric I have had forever, I bought it on a whim years ago because I thought it was so cute but I never found anything to use it, until now. How perfect it is for this project! The tooth pocket on this is also a little scrap, also blue, of course.

IMG 3999

My kids love their Tooth Fairy Pillows, and we are actually prepared for the first-tooth-lost milestone. (Well, the pillows are ready, this mom sort of dreads the whole thing because I gag at the thought of teeth falling out of their tiny little heads and OMG my babies are growing up!) But R2-DTooth and Godzilla are ready for that little sprite when the time comes!

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