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52 Quilts: Number 7 – All Blue

Quilt 7 52

This is part one of two posts on the biggest quilts I’ve made so far and the special little boys who own them.

The first two quilts I made, I did simultaneously in a quilting class I took when my boys had just turned 2 and moved into toddler beds. (Because when you’re a twin mom you do everything twice!) I used fabric I picked out when I was pregnant that never got made into quilts before they were born. Then a couple years later I thought I would make them twin-sized quilts before they moved into larger beds. I bought pirate fabric, then they sort of outgrew that before those quilts were made. For their 5th birthday they got twin-sized beds, but no quilts. By then I thought I’d do superheroes, but that didn’t happen either. They turned 6 in November, and still slept with their now-too-small toddler bed quilts. They love those toddler bed quilts. They called them “Snuggle Power” and believe they are imparted with love and snuggles from Mommy. My goal was to get them quilts done by their birthday, then by Christmas. You can see where this is going…

I asked each kid what he wanted and my son Joshua said, “Just Blue.” This kid LOVES blue, almost to obsession. Every coloring sheet from school comes back solid blue. Turkey? Blue. Gingerbread Man? Blue. Everything, always blue. So I went online and found at least a dozen different blue tonal fabrics, some with fun little things on them, some more subtle. There are jellyfish and whales, octopi, Japanese characters, feathers, polkadots, solids, swirls, and stripes. Each one a different shade of blue.

DSC 0005

Then, for some reason I decided on 5” squares made into half-square triangles. Which took forever. There are 300 squares. My goal to have the quilt tops done and ready to ship out for quilting by Halloween kept slipping further and further behind. I missed that goal, then they still weren’t done by Thanksgiving.

The good news is I did finish them over Thanksgiving and I sent them out to be quilted, but not in time to be done by Christmas. I was bummed, but my kids had plenty of other gifts for Christmas and here in Chicago it is cold for several months after the new year, so I knew they’d get plenty of use this year.

I sent them to Missouri Star Quilt Co, and they did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend their service. I haven’t outsourced quilting before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I know there is no way I could have done this beautiful work on my tiny home sewing machine. For this quilt I went with a stars and swirls design, which you can kind of see in this photo.

DSC 0004

The quilts arrived a couple weeks ago, I just haven’t had a chance to get decent photos of them. The lover of all things blue is thrilled with his All Blue quilt.

IMG 3220

And his brother is happy too. You can read more about his quilt in my next post.

IMG 3281

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