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52 Quilts: Number 6 – Geometric Millenium Falcon

Quilt 6 52

Last year I went down the Rabbit Hole of online craft swaps, and found it an excellent way to try new things I might otherwise never do. One of the projects that seemed so far out of reach was foundation paper piecing, which is sort of a paint-by-numbers method of creating complex images from fabric. I have done quite a few paper-pieced projects since I started last summer, and one of the pattern designers I absolutely adore is Kristy from Quiet Play. I love how well-designed her patterns are and they are so cute too. When I decided to host a swap myself, a May the 4th Star Wars mini quilt swap, I admit I got a little fan-girlish when Kristy not only signed up to participate in the swap, but she designed a handful of new Star Wars inspired patterns inspired by my swap.

When she asked for testers for these patterns, I squealed and raised my virtual hand yelling “Me! Me! Me!”

IMG 3811

I got to test the new Geometric Millennium Falcon pattern. (Free download from Craftsy) There is also a solid version, as well as geometric and solid versions of AT-AT and TIE Fighters.

First of all, the Millennium Falcon is a huge favorite of mine so I loved making this. I plan to make one for my son to match his new Star Wars Quilt, but this one is for me. I participated in a fabric swap last year where each participant sent in 5×5” squares of Low-Volume prints and we each got back an assortment. The grey and beige and text and patterns were perfect for the Falcon.

IMG 3815

I love the texture the low-volume adds and I was excited to find a project for this assortment of fun prints. (I am also delighted that I have a much left!)

The pattern was easy to follow and went together very smoothly. There was only one issue I had and that was with a font printing weird on one of my computers, so I think it was totally me, not the pattern. If you’re new to paper piecing, don’t worry about jumping in with these patterns, they are easy to follow and the one thing that I struggled with most was weird angle pieces, but Kristy has this awesome tutorial for those too!

I had a tiny bit of scrap of this Millennium Falcon fabric, just wide enough for the backing. I did a simple wavy-lines quilting treatment on it, practicing for another quilt project. It’s simple but I like it.

IMG 3810

I love my new mini quilt, the fabric, the design, but most of all that it’s MINE!

If you have a Star Wars lover in your life, you should definitely check out these patterns, after all, they are awesome and FREE!

IMG 3816

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