Sending a hug across the country


DSC_0315A good friend I have known since college was very badly injured in a freak accident last weekend. It was shocking and I couldn’t get my mind off her all weekend. She lives a thousand miles away and we haven’t seen each other in a couple years, but I felt like I had to do something. I decided to put my concern into something productive so I made her a lap quilt. She has a long recovery ahead of her so I hope it will provide comfort.

I wanted to get it done as quickly as I could so I could get it in the mail ASAP. I started on Tuesday this week and finished Wednesday evening. Yep. That quick. I pulled all the fabrics from what I had on hand, no rhyme nor reason other than they were bright, cheery colors. My thought was the cheerier the better. I did a basic assortment of Half-Square Triangles and sort of randomized them. I tried to keep the same fabrics from being too close, but it’s not perfect. What it is, though, is perfectly cheery.

Another first for this quilt, I did the entire thing free-motion quilted using a meandering stippling look, which was the largest project I have done without straight-line quilting. I LOVE the texture it made. The fabric has tons of fun patterns and bright colors, and the free-motion quilting adds an extra layer of texture on top of that. It looks crinkly and cozy once I washed it.


The back is pretty basic, it’s a navy fabric with little arrows. I pieced leftover scraps for a pop of color on the back where I had to seam the two pieces. The binding is a grey polkadot to act as a buffer between the basic navy and the wildly colorful front. I think it ties together perfectly.


Honestly I could not be happier with how it finished. The colors are bright and vibrant, just like my friend, and I hope it provides her with comfort while she recovers. It was made with love for an old friend, when I couldn’t find the words, I did what I could and created a hug I could put in a box and send across the country.



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