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London Calling Quilt

DSC 0887

I finished up this custom quilt a while ago, but waited to post it, lest the recipient’s surprise be spoiled by social media. This was a custom order for my friend’s cousin who is in love with all things British. We were at the Sewing Expo together when we found this fabric and she said, “I want this in a quilt for my cousin!” even though it wasn’t quite enough for a quilt, and it was out of print fabric. I got creative and ordered more from two different places online and the Union Jack panel I custom printed from Spoonflower which is avery cool site you can upload your own artwork, or in my case an unlicensed artwork, and have it printed on fabric. I could not be happier with how this turned out! The flag is a solid piece, printed, but I traced all the lines with quilting so it has a nice dimension. The back fabric was in short supply so I ended up splitting it with matching fabric in both red and blue, which I love. And who doesn’t love a striped border, especially when it ties together all the colors.

DSC 0889

IMG 6605

IMG 6622

DSC 0894

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