Putting Custom in Custom Creations

When I started this endeavor, it was with the idea that I could maybe help pay for this little sewing and embroidery hobby I had picked up. I love making custom clothes for my kids, one of a kind items that they love. I have done a ton of research, and spent countless hours on Etsy and other places on the web looking at custom kids clothing. Often someone will offer a custom shirt, but it will look just like the sample. They charge extra for adding a name. I am not saying that is good or bad, and that might work for their business, but I love the idea of making each item unique and special. That can mean changing out colors and fabrics, or adding the name or changing fonts. Occasionally a customer will ask for a specific color, but often just expect it will look like the sample. It can, but it doesn’t have to look like a cookie cutter design.

For an example, I made two 3rd Birthday Mickey Mouse shirts for my kids. This was before I learned to do embroidery, so they were done by hand. They turned out cute, but they were too small and my kids didn’t ever wear them. 

IMG 0196

I simplified the design and added it to my Etsy Shop, with a basic name added underneath. 

DSC 5468  1

I had a customer request a shirt with just the number 2 for her son’s birthday trip to DIsney World. She wanted it to say “It’s my birthday” instead of his name.

IMG 0854  1

Then I re-did the first shirts for my boys. They wore these outfits for their breakfast with Mickey and the gang our last morning at Disney World.

IMG 1214

 And recently I had a request for a larger name in the Walt Disney Handwriting font. I added the buttons because I saw them sitting on the desk. I love the way it turned out. 

DSC 0081

All of these are inspired by the same general idea: A birthday number w/ a Mickey twist. But no two are the same. Even the set for my boys differ in the color of the stars.

I love to customize and make every shirt unique. I feel like that is the benefit of buying from a small operation, it is truly custom.

Oh, and don’t forget I am giving away a free shirt to one lucky customer!  Make sure you head over and enter. Giveaway ends midnight Sunday. 

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