Ode to a Favorite Spud

IMG 0867

This whole endeavor started with an idea that I would make two matching shirts for my boys for our Disney trip. (30 days to go!) It quickly got out of hand, and they have so many cute outfits for the trip. While they already had plenty to make it through our week there, I found this fabric and decided that they had to have shirts featuring Mr. Potato Head. He is. after all, a long-time favorite in our house. The boys received a set for their 1st birthday and here we are closing in on their 3rd and they still regularly play with him. 

I love how these shirts came out, they are colorful and fun and honor a favorite character, with a nod to his role in the Toy Story movies, also favorites in this house. I can’t wait to see these in action!

These are an example of how custom clothing can be. I was lucky to find the fabric featuring the Potato Head family, but with the appliqués, I can do lots of characters even if fabric is not available.

IMG 0868

IMG 0874

IMG 0875

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